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Gold Coast

Commonwealth Games 2018

Locally known as Gold Coast 2018, book a luxury boat charter on the Gold Coast or further afield on the Great Barrier Reef Pre- Post and during the Games in 2018.

Many of Luxury Boasts are available for charter during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, they will also be travelling North after the games for charter in the Whitsundays and the Cairns region of the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are looking for a charter in 2018, toss us an email with your preferred dates, and we can help you tailor make a charter to suit your location and destination with vessel options and availability.


Great Barrier Reef

The glamour of the Great Barrier Reef is unending; the wonder beneath the cobalt sea a magnet that draws you irresistibly to a place of quiet lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, faraway islands and the temperate waters of the Australian tropics. The biggest marine park in the world is home to an amazing array of creatures. This World Heritage site is a protected area, so remember to take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints - please!

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's greatest reef system, stretching more than 2000km along Queensland's north-east coast. As the world's largest and most complex reef system, it has thousands of individual coral reefs and hundreds of continental islands, reef islands and cays, small bare sand cays, and permanent vegetated cays.

The Whitsundays

One of Australia's most desirable holiday destinations, centrally located on the Queensland Coast and in the heart of the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays boasts 74 tropical islands rising from pristine turquoise water and vibrant coast.

With 70% of the region protected National & Marine Park, this is a truly unique destination. This stunning aquatic playground offers snorkelling, diving, island hopping, cruising, fishing, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing, jetskiing and water skiing are just a few of the activities.

Cairns and Port Douglas

Cairns is a modern tropical city with a relaxed atmosphere. Cairns City is the heart of Tropical North Queensland and is the primary gateway to Northern Australia. Cairns looks a picture, framed by the spectacular twin backdrops of rainforest mountain ranges and the sparkling Coral Sea.

Cairns is a modern, sophisticated city, it is an ideal base to explore the wider Tropical North Queensland region with front door access to World Heritage listed Reef, Rainforest and Outback.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island - A luxury resort, located 240kms (150 miles) north of Cairns and 27kms from the mainland right on the Great Barrier Reef. 40 luxurious suites private suites are nestled amongst coconut palms situated on 1000 hectares of unspoilt National Park.

The island already enjoys an international reputation for marlin fishing, however this is only one aspect of bluewater action that can be experienced within a 45 minute boat ride. The area is one of the best in the world for light and medium tackle game and sport fishing, offering potential records for species as diverse as Yellowfin, and Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Narrow Barred Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Cobia, Rainbow Runner and a score of others.

Not only is Lizard Island famous for its fishing but just a short boat trip away lies the ultimate dive and snorkel locations such as The Cod Hole and the famous Ribbon Reefs.

The Kimberleys

The rugged and spectacular Kimberley coast of Australia's north-west is truly one of the world's last great wilderness areas. Vast stretches of red cliffs punctuated by plunging waterfalls, pristine white beaches and ancient rainforests. Countless fresh water creeks intermingle the dramatic landscape, where a refreshing swim in a secluded spa-pool is a delight.

The phenomenal power and rhythm of the Kimberley's twelve metre tides have given birth to several unique spectacles. The 'Horizontal Waterfalls' are a living, breathing wonder, where the rampant tide is funnelled through two, narrow sandstone gorges creating tidal rapids with a sharp drop of up to four metres. The enigmatic Montgomery Reef is plundered by the tide twice daily, rising five metres out of the ocean at low tide and producing a wall of cascades in the middle of the ocean.

For the fisherman, the sea is alive with opportunity. Prized Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Spanish Mackerel are prolific and the catch of the day has never tasted better than with a side of freshly caught Kimberley mud crabs and juicy black-lipped oysters.

Hike up to an inland waterfall, take a thrilling helicopter flight to a secret oasis, shoot the tidal rapids or just relax with a drink on the bow and take in the glorious scenery.


Vanuatu is a Y shaped chain of 83 unspoilt islands lying peacefully in the pristine waters of the South Pacific. These islands exude an alluring atmosphere of intrigue and romance and ultimately seduce all those lucky enough to visit their shores. Their charm lies in the natural beauty of the scenery and the authentic and unique cultural experiences gained from interacting with people still living ancient and traditional native lifestyles. The people are reputed to be amongst the happiest, most peaceful people in the world. Their warmth and simplicity is engaging and draws visitors back to discover more about their way of life.

Lush green tropical islands, white powdery beaches, deep blue swimming holes, cascading waterfalls with rock pools and palm fringed secluded beaches add to the magical feel. Sweetly perfumed flowers, fragrant sandalwood trees, water birds and falcons, turtles, dugongs, whales, dolphins and megapod birds are only a small sampling of the natural delights of the islands. One island alone has 84 varieties of orchids. One of the amazing attractions is the world’s largest accessible volcano situated on the island of Tanna. Pentecost Island is renowned for its vine jumpers – the world’s original bungy jumpers and the islands of Efate and Santo have incredible opportunities for snorkelling or diving. Coral reefs are in abundance and there is a marvellous array of soft corals, tropical fish and sealife.

Santo has the largest accessible ship wreck in the world, the President Coolidge, and is a much sort after destination for diving enthusiasts. There are jungle treks through lush virgin forests that visit isolated scenic locations and villages and offer breathtakingly beautiful panoramas – and always without the tourist hordes!

Basically unaffected by modern day tourism and life styles, the outlying islands offer a soft, safe ‘once in a life time adventure’ for the most discerning travellers. They offer a timeless, authentic cultural experience where islanders live traditionally and guests have the unique opportunity to glimpse a way of life, long lost to western cultures.

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